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I am just wrapping up some beautiful Fall Sessions, and just like the swirling of leaves outside, I feel like this crazy life has not stood still for what seems an eternity!  But, I don't think I would have it any other way!  Every day around here brings a new challenge. This morning I woke up to a baby crying and banging a bottle against the rails of her crib.  Half alive I managed to drag my butt out of bed and care for my sweet, hungry 13 month old.   While in the kitchen, I noticed that it was 6:30!  What!/!? Everyone should be moving, this house should be buzzing by now!  I go to my husband, shaking his foot, "hey, you need to get up, its 6:30".  He jumps up and grabs his phone with a confused , very tired look.  I hurry back to start the coffee.  Turing around , I notice he is coming at me with a directive...."you need to go back to bed, its only 4:00 am."  Now he and I are both confused.  The kitchen clock is reading 6:35 a.m..  I check my phone, he is right, it is 4:00 am.  

I am going back to bed.  

The next half hour ,laying on my pillow, was spent thinking of what needs to happen to pull this day off....   the conversation with my husband the night before..."maybe you should open a Studio,  Sam's Drivers Test at 10:30, or maybe it was 11:00, my 8 year old, Cecilia's last day of Gymnastics practice, William's missing assignment in computer class, the birthday party on fir mind raced on....there was no going "back to bed".  

The life of owning a photography business, and being a stay home mom is a constant juggling act.  Of course my family is coming first, but I also have to answer that call, respond to that text and take time to make my clients feel loved.  

Today I posted to my Facebook this tag line to one of my images...

Just a little bragging moment...Do I really do this every day and call it a job?"   

I really do feel so blessed to have Photography as my job.  However, I pray everyday that I am able to keep the balance between being a heartfelt Mom, a loving and supportive wife,  and being an awesome photographer.

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